Day 1 Happy New Year!

New year, new me? Yeah, right. I’d like to be a lot more relaxed, but that’s next to impossible when I know I’ve got three maths exams in two weeks. Oh God, two weeks. Two weeks to revise for three maths exams. Two of those exams being on the same day, in the morning. Why, oh why did I pick Further Maths? Actually, I know the answer: I love maths. I can often be found cursing at my maths textbook, but I’m secretly a maths geek. It’s not like English, where two totally different essays can both be right. In maths, your answer is either right or wrong, and I like that. Having said that, I do tend to kick myself when I get an answer wrong.

A friend told me, while I was revising for maths, that he was eating a sandwich with both bacon and chicken in it. To me, this sounds like he was eating a little slice of heaven. I was envious, until I remembered I was holding a yummy scone in my left hand, and had two more in front of me.


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