Day 2 Strawberry Laces and Procrastination

Today I procrastinated a lot. Revising at the kitchen table felt nice, as it was warm, but sitting at the kitchen table comes with distractions. Distractions in the shape of my little sister, who had managed to get her hands on strawberry laces. Unable to resist, I got a couple of laces for myself to knot into various shapes, which reminded me of a biology lesson last term. We’d been learning about the structure of DNA, and to help remember, our teacher got us all to create the structure of DNA using sweets. I’ll have to revise the structure of DNA again, so I can’t say that the activity was very useful, but it was fun.

With today’s strawberry laces, I had a silly race with my sister to see who could tie the most knots in a lace. It looked a little bit like those cool chain bracelets that I see people posting about on Facebook.


And the best bit about this chain? I got to eat it afterwards.


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