Day 9 Persuasive Little Sisters

Or should that be persistent?

Younger siblings can be very persuasive, especially when they want something that you have, but won’t give to them. My youngest sister loves playing with my phone, and the other day, she asked for my phone as I was using it. I kept repeating ‘no’, hoping that she would give up. She has a trick that she uses at times like these: she stops using words, and starts looking a bit like this.

Unable to resist her cuteness, I handed over my phone. She’s three and a half, but has already figured out how to use my phone. This time, she learnt how to use the qwerty keyboard, using it to type out our entire family’s names, with me spelling it out for her, letter by letter. She then moved onto other people’s names, asking whether she could add our surnames to their names too. Every. Single. Time. Being the patient (ha!) older sister that I am, I tried explaining to her that her friends have different surnames. Eventually though, I just gave up. I guess we’re all really, really distantly related, so it doesn’t matter too much.

I can see my little sister becoming like me when it comes to making mistakes: she panicked when she pressed the wrong letter next to her desired letter, yelping and going, “Oh, my gosh!”, before she remembered that there was a ‘back’ button for a reason. She’s also the reason why I’ve put a password on my contact list, since there’s no undo button for when she decides to spring clean the list for me. I learned my lesson the hard way when she deleted half of my photos. They hadn’t been backed up. 🙄


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