Day 10 Levels Of Awkwardness

Most people would say that they’re okay at meeting new people. Some would say that they like meeting new people. A few might even say that they’re good at meeting new people. Me? I have my own levels of comfort when it comes to different groups of people.

If I’m meeting older people, who tend to ask me about my future ambitions and what I’m currently studying, I feel like this:

When I meet new people my own age, and I don’t know anyone within 500 metres, I look a little bit like this:

However, if I’m meeting new people my own age and I know at least one person there already, I’m a lot like this:

When I meet my parents’ friends, I have a habit of doing this:

But there’s always the same feeling that precedes every meeting-new-people situation:

Some things just never change.


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