Day 11 A Neat Beginnning

I’ve come to realise that a school day can be like a blender  At the start, all of your ingredients are neat and tidy. By the time the blender has finished, everything is a mush, and there are bits left behind in the blender.

Now that I’m in sixth form, I can wear what I want, and I usually go for a shirt, jumper and skinny jeans. By the time I leave the house, my shirt is tucked into my jeans, and the shirt collar sits neatly on my jumper. Everything in my bag is sitting straightly, like so:


Unfortunately, I always manage to time it so that I end up running for the bus, or even worse, having to walk/run/fly to school. Then school’s a jumble of sitting down, standing up, walking up and down the stairs, and walking between buildings countless times. It’s especially bad on windy and/or rainy days.

By the time I get home, I’m exhausted. Describing my hair as a bird’s nest would be insulting to birds. My bag normally looks like this post-15:30 :


Note that my folder is still sitting at the back neatly. This is purely so that I am not attacked in the side by my own bag as I am taking part in the ever popular bus game of tinned sardines.

And just like I mentioned before, school is like a blender: as I sit down to make a start on my biology homework, I realise that I’ve left my textbook behind in my locker.


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