Day 14 Snow, Away You Go!

It started snowing a little bit today here in London, which got my biology class excited. It was nice to see the snow falling outside, but inside, I prayed for the snow to not settle. I was one of only a few in my class who felt this way; everyone else hoped with all their might that the snow might settle, and we might have a day off school. They seem to have forgotten that in 5 years, our school has had only 1 snow day. This could be due to the fact that it doesn’t ever really snow hard enough in London, but our school seems to be open no matter what. There was a time when I prayed for snow days too, and I even resorted to calling my school on one snowy day to check if we had a day off school (we didn’t).

Now, however, I don’t want snow. I don’t hate the stuff. In fact, I find the snow covering the ground quite serene and pretty. It’s only when people start making snowballs and trudging their feet through the snow that makes me scowl. I don’t know what snowballs are like in the rest of the country, but the children here seem to enjoy making their snowballs as densely packed, and thus as hard, as possible.

Also, if it does snow heavily, travel is disrupted in London, even though we should be prepared for it. I rely on my Oyster card to get me everywhere, but what use is an Oyster card if there isn’t a bus for me to use it on? Even if we are prepared for the snow, who wants to walk through the sludgy grit that ends up going everywhere on the pavement? Not me, that’s for sure.

So, snow, could you come back next year, perhaps? Please?


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