Day 16 Vauxhall Helicopter Crash

This morning, I walked out of my front door at the earlier time of 08:05, and was shocked to see that there was thick black smoke in the distance. By the time I’d gotten to school, I’d learned that a helicopter had crashed into a crane. By lunchtime, the news had gotten around that two people had died in the accident, and 12 had been injured. A helicopter had crashed into a crane at St George’s Wharf at 08:00, where The Tower, One St George Wharf (overlooking the River Thames) was being built.

There are road closures around the area, and bus routes in and out of Vauxhall are also affected. It’s scary how something like this can happen on a bus Wednesday morning during rush hour. The fire service should be praised for getting to the scene in just 4 minutes, and putting the fire, which had ignited two other buildings and was burning in the road, out in 25 minutes.

My thoughts go out to the pilot’s family and the other victim’s family.


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