Day 17 Little Piggies

How awesome is this glove?


I’m babysitting the other night, and found this glove while I was playing with the child. It’s got a pig on every finger and on the thumb, and is absolutely adorable. I want to order two of my own now, just so I can wear them as normal gloves. The glove’s awesomeness would totally balance out the glances I would be guaranteed to attract.

Talking of little piggies, I made pasta and tomato sauce for dinner. It was the first time I’d ever made pasta for myself, and I made the sauce using cherry tomatoes, olive oil, onions, cheese and ketchup. Yes, I cheated a little with the ketchup, and the sauce might be a bit gloopy (in hindsight, I should have added the grated cheese AFTER I heated the other ingredients, not during), but I’m rather proud of my creation.


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