Day 18 I Want Ice Cream

After reading Adam Ellis’ blog post about moving from Portland to NYC, I’m craving ice cream. Lots of it. Why? Because there was a link to Salt & Straw, an ice cream store in Portland, and I clicked on it. The first thing I saw were the words “Cheddar Apple Pie”. Imagine having Cheddar Apple Pie ice cream! This got me Googling “Strange ice cream flavours”, and there are some flavours even I wouldn’t dare to put into my mouth.

I love ice cream, but I’ve got to be honest here. I don’t really care about the brand or the store the ice cream is from. When people say, “Oh, yum, ice cream from [insert ‘cool’ brand/store] is great! It’s just so delicious!”, I think to myself, “Really? If you had it in an unbranded tub, would you still say it’s the best ice cream ever?” I mean, come on! I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an unbranded vanilla ice cream, and a vanilla ice cream from, say, Haagen Dazs, and I wouldn’t really care.

All I know is, right now, I want ice cream. I don’t care if it’s cheap. I don’t care what flavour it is (Unless it’s basashi ice cream. That’s raw horse meat flavoured ice cream for those of you who don’t speak Japanese). I don’t care what brand it is. I don’t even care if it’s not proper ice cream, and it’s some sort of frozen yoghurt.

I just want something that vaguely resembles ice cream. Please?

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