Day 21 Overacting, Canned Laughter and Perfection

I shudder inside every time I watch Disney Channel with the children I babysit. They absolutely adore Disney Channel. Me? Not so much. The actors on Disney Channel look perfect, with their carefully coiffed hair and flowy waves. Their school hallways all look the same: clean, bright and full of kids standing around chatting.

And the audience laughter occurs every half a minute. I would understand if the jokes were funny, but they’re really not. I laugh more at their acting (I’m not a great actor, but even I can tell that they’re overacting) than at the ‘jokes’.

And another thing. Why do Disney Channel actors have to sing and dance their way through every show? What happened to good old plain acting? And where are their parents? To me, it seems that Disney Channel is all about promoting kids running around having fun without a responsible parent in sight. Or, if there are adults around, they’re made to look like idiots. Where is the respect?

I say we say no to shows with the same plot lines and lame jokes. Say yes to How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, or whatever the equivalent of such shows is for younger children.

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