Day 23 V&A Musuem London

Since I happened to be in the area, and I had time to kill, AND I had never been inside before, I ventured into the V&A in South Kensington today. The first thing I saw, beyond the information desk, was the gift shop. I had to literally steer myself away from the glittery shop window.

I normally dislike going to museums and galleries. I tend to find myself gazing around, staring at the other visitors, and wondering what I’ll be doing in the evening. This particular trip, on the other hand, was strangely different. I found myself admiring the really pretty exhibits, especially the jewel-ly ones.

I didn’t have my camera with me, so I used my phone for the pictures of my favourites below.


Wine Ewer and Cover – Mughal c1700


‘Knuckle duster’ bag, Alexander McQueen (1969-2010), SS11


Isn’t it pretty? Normally, I hate clutches, because I have to grip them awkwardly, but I can actually imagine myself using this.


Sandals, Nicholas Krkwood (b1980), SS11

Made in Italy, lace, leather, suede

I spent so long staring at these shoes, visitors started staring at ME. 😀


Evening dress, Pierre Balmain (1914-82), c1950, Paris

Silk, ostrich feathers, sequins, rhinestones


Coat (tailcoat) (wool), waistcoat (silk) and under-waistcoat (cotton), c1815-20, England

I can totally see Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice wearing this outfit. Obviously, he would need trousers too…


Teapot with landscape design c1800-50, Qing dynasty, made by Cheng Shihua



Ming dynasty vase, Chinese porcelain, c1580

There’s a sign that says that visitors are allowed to touch this vase. I touched it with my fingertips, and looked around to see if security were coming to stop me haha.


Vase with lotus design, 1984, Boshan Glass factory


Wine cup 1465-88, Ming dynasty, Chenghua reign period

Porcelain, doucai style


Dish with floral design, 1723-35, Qing dynasty, Yongzheng reign period

Porcelain, famille rose (pink enamel) style


Plaque with panda design, 1976



Jar: ‘Guilin landscape’, 1988, Sun Chao (b1929)



‘Composition no.162’, Takeuchi Denji (b1934), 1992

Cast, cut, polished and glued glass


Jacket and trousers, Lee Chung-hie (b1945), graduate of Hongik University in Seoul

Geometric patchwork, jacket front (figured silk glaze)


An oak staircase from Molarix

This isn’t a complete list of all of my favourites in the building, since I only spent about an hour in there today. I can’t wait to go back to the V&A and have a nosey around the other exhibits! What’s your favourite museum/gallery?


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