Day 24 The Thing About Onesies

Winter is upon us, and the chilling wind and snowfall is here to stay for a while. “Oh dear! ” I hear you cry. (Or perhaps I’m imagining hearing you cry, which is far more probable.) Anyway, the point is, it’s time, if you haven’t already, to dig out our coats, scarves, and whatever else it is that we wear in Winter.

Like the onesie. One of the questions that really bugs me is: Why do people spend their hard earned cash on these adult babygros? Because that’s what they essentially are: super-sized baby clothes. I think they’re perfectly fine for babies, since they’re cute enough to pull off anything. Hell, even I wish I could still pull off dungarees without looking like I’m off to rescue Princess Peach and collect coins on the way.

It seems that there’s enough love from the general public for this head-to-toe piece of clothing. OnePiece onesies sell for an average of £120, which is ridiculous. I could buy 12,000 of those delicious little fruity penny sweets, if they still exist. There are much cheaper high street versions if people really do insist on owning one.

I do admit that I too once hankered after a onesie, just because it was a Pikachu shaped onesie, complete with pointy ears. Fortunately,  I came to my senses, since it seemed to be only edgy, cool people who could pull a Pikachu onesie off, and I’m definitely not edgy OR cool.

I see the appeal of onesies. They’re warm, comfortable, and very ‘in’ right now. Who determines what’s in anyway? The God of In-ness? Gods aside, you can’t go to the toilet easily wearing a onesie, unless it has a ridiculous bum flap  and what if the legs are too long? Unless it’s tailored to your measurements, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll be a perfect fit.

Finally, if you get comfortable wearing it all the time when you’re alone, you might get used to wearing it when your family are around.  You may even proceed to wear it beyond your front door. That’s like walking around in your pyjamas. *Shudder*


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