Day 25 There Is Such A Thing As Too Many Biscuits

Super snazzy title, right?

I helped out at a parents’ evening yesterday at my school for the first time, and it was so different to being an actual attendee. I set up the hall first of all, and completed the job in about 30 minutes, since there were quite a few of us helping. After this, we had 15 minutes to go until the evening started, so I wandered off to talk to various other people.

I ended up manning the refreshment stall, accurately making up the squash by mixing 1 part concentrated squash to 4 parts water. I even managed to get my hands on a (very glamorous) measuring jug so that I could measure the quantities properly. Every time a cup of squash was taken, I would keep myself entertained by pouring a new cup of squash and replacing the taken one.

Being on the refreshments stall also meant being in charge of the biscuits. Perhaps this was a mistake, since I hadn’t had anything to eat after school, and dinner would be over by the time I got home. I ended up doing this:


By the end of the evening, I’d eaten countless biscuits, and drunken various cups of squash. I even finished a cup of coffee that my friend had made with 6 sachets of sugar. The biscuits were slowly tasting more and more like cardboard, and I had a desperate urge to pee. It’s little wonder that, on the bus home, I looked at the bar of chocolate in my bag and shuddered.

I never shudder when I see chocolate.


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