Day 29 Origami Inflatable Ball Tutorial

When I was a little girl, I used to amuse myself by borrowing origami books from the library, and following the instructions to make cool shapes. It never ceased to amaze me how a piece of paper could be folded into a frog, or once, even a high heeled shoe. One of my personal favourites that I know off by heart is an inflatable ball. The instructions are below. I apologise if the instructions aren’t 100% clear, though the photos should help.

Start off with a square piece of paper.


Fold it in half


Fold it in half again


Open up one flap of the folded piece of paper


Pull down the top corner and flatten it into a triangle


Turn the piece of paper over


Do the same to the flap, and flatten it into a triangle


Take one corner and fold it upwards, lining up the bottom with the line in the middle


Fold the outer edge into the middle


Fold the top corner down and line it up with the previous fold


Fold it down over the line in order to make a crease


Turn the paper so that it is pointing towards you and open up the little pocket


Tuck the creased edge into the pocket


Do the same to the other side


Flip the paper over and repeat the previous steps


Pick up the paper and turn the corner with the hole towards you. I used a pen to make the hole slightly bigger so that blowing into it would be a bit easier


Blow air into the hole, and the ball should inflate


Happy folding! 😀


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