Day 30 Muji Blue 0.5 Gel Ink Pen

 When I lost my fountain pen, I was devastated. It had been with me for 2 whole years, seeing me through countless essays and hundreds of procastination-induced doodles. It was last seen in my biology class at the end of the day. For days afterwards,  I wistfully wondered who was the lucky new owner of my beloved pen. A few weeks later, my chemistry teacher mentioned that one of the school cleaners had a habit of throwing away everything in his path, even marked mock exams. I wept inside for my poor pen, knowing that I’d never see it again.

Resigned to the fact that it was gone forever, I gave in to my friend’s persistent recommendations of Muji gel ink pens. They’re available in various colours, and various thicknesses. I bought a blue and a black 0.5 gel ink pen, and a couple of refills for each colour. I quite like these pens, because they’re lighter than normal pens. It did take me a short while to get used to, but only because my fountain pen was super heavy. They also flow quite easily, and though they’re called gel ink pens, they’re not like those thick fruity-scented pens I loved when I was a kid. The only issue I’ve had with these pens is that if I leave them sitting around with the cap off, they sometimes splodge on the page when I start writing with them again. I love that I can refill them though, since it’ll save me from buying a new one.



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