Day 34 The Lumineers: Ho Hey

Last night or should that be this morning, I stayed up late, flicking through channels. An advert for EON appeared, and the background song was strangely familiar  I didn’t need to worry about being kept up all night/morning trying to figure out the song though, because an advert for The Lumineers’ new single Ho Hey came on. I remember seeing this song on Facebook a few days ago, and thought it was pretty good.

It’s a pretty (I’m not a music critic, I’m allowed to describe it like this) song, and the music video’s the type that I would happily spend hours watching on a rainy day. It’s a relatively simple song, but that’s what appeals to me. My favourite part is the chorus: “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart…”

Since they’re from Colorado, I didn’t really think about a UK tour. On the contrary, I’ve just discovered that they’re playing in London on the 20th of February and 11th of March, and both shows are sold out. I’m kicking myself for not discovering them earlier.


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