Day 35 (My Lack of) Patience

WARNING: This post is quite rant-y.

Lately, it seems that I have very little patience. I wish I had more patience, and that I don’t sigh inwardly every time someone does something irritating.

There are quite a few things that irritate me, mainly to do with people. People who slack and don’t do as much work as they should be doing. People wittering on about trivial matters, or worse, wittering on about themselves only. People who play stupid mind games, and people who criticise your choices without giving valid reason. Also, people who talk to you when you’re obviously working on something important. I also hate when people pretend to listen, so you have to repeat yourself several times, to the point where you could say, “You look awfully piggy today”, and they would nod and agree.

I’m trying to deal with the little irritating things by doing this:

when really, all I want to do is this:

Okay, rant over. Maybe I’ll be in a better mood next time. Maybe.


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