Day 37 Accessorize Fire Cracker Exotic Brights Nail Polish

I’m not one of those girls who make an effort with make up and clothes. I wish I was, but the fact is, I just love my bed too much. Each morning, I only just manage to leave the house on time because I drag myself out of bed at the last minute. This week, however, I made a effort to paint my nails, which I never do, because I always end up picking at the nail polish and it always gets chipped, no matter how careful I am. As I write this post, I can see already that four nails have already been chipped.


I’ve always admired red nails, but was afraid that red would be too powerful and attention-seeking. Fire Cracker’s more of a bright red than a scary red. I used two coats, and I also put on a top coat of clear nail polish. I have to admit that I forgot to put on a base coat first, so that’s probably why it’s gotten chipped so easily. It does take quite a while to dry, and even a few hours later, I left a fingerprint mark when I tested one of my nails. But being an inexpensive nail polish, I guess I can’t really complain.


P.S. I’ve been told a lot that I have a bad nail-biting problem. I don’t bite my nails, I just prefer to cut them really short.


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