Day 48 The Crush Cycle

Everyone’s heard of serial killers. Most people have heard of serial daters. I can categorise myself as a ‘serial’ too: I’m a serial crusher.

I have a theory about myself when it comes to guys. I meet a guy. I develop a crush on the guy, which could take place within a few days of meeting him, or over a couple of months. After a couple of months to a year or so, I either come to my senses and realise that nothing will ever happen, or more likely, the guy, if he is single, acquires a girlfriend.

The depression-like period commences, until I move on to the next guy. If there is no guy to move on to after a significant period of time, like in Year 11, I will be more likely to focus on academic work. This bodes well for my A Levels, since I’ve developed crushes of varying degrees on all the guys I know who fit my criteria of being crushable: relatively good looking (I’m shallow like that. So what?), friendly, and has the ability to make me laugh with being irritating. There just aren’t any guys to move on to.

A Levels, here I come.

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