Day 64 Picasa Problems

When I was out and about in Westminster yesterday, looking for the Fairtrade mini marchers, I came across a wedding couple having their picture taken in front of Westminster Abbey. The bride wore a gorgeous white dress, and I managed to take a picture of the dress.

I use Picasa to edit my pictures, and normally it works fine. Occasionally, however, it messes up, and cruelly adds in squiggly lines. When it does this, it can usually be rescued by hitting the undo button. I also normally have a back up of the original, just in case. This time, I decided to take a chance, and didn’t bother saving a copy of the original picture.

What an absolute mistake. No amount of cursing and frantically hitting undo could save the wedding dress picture. I was devastated, but I guess I learned a lesson the hard way.

Lesson of the day: Don’t edit your original copy of a photo (or at least make a copy of it first!)


See that grey bit? I call that the Grey Area Of Doom (Or GAOD for short)

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