Day 65 A Squirrel Fascination

When I was in St James’s Park, there were quite a lot of animals. Tourists whipped out their cameras whenever they passed a bird, which was every 5 steps. The one animal that commanded the most attention, however, was the squirrel. People attempted to take photos as they scampered about, digging in the grass. They didn’t even seem fazed that so much attention was on them. I guess they’ve gotten so used to people that they don’t really care anymore. I spotted a group of people trying to entice a squirrel closer by offering their crisps, which I didn’t really approve of, but wasn’t sure if they spoke enough English for me to tell them off.

DSCN6149 DSCN6152

This little guy snapped the birds on his iPhone, then ran off to his parents. I thought his hat was quite sweet.


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