Day 66 Is It Just Me?

Ever since I read No, It’s Us Too!, an eBook by Miranda Hart (which, by the way, is free from the Amazon Kindle store), the sort-of-autobiography that led to the eBook has been on my never-ending to-do list. I finally got to tick it off today.

I find Miranda Hart hilarious, and expected the book to be a laugh a page. Since I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Miranda, I was able to read it in her voice, which made it funnier. I enjoyed the conversations between Miranda and Little M, her 18 year old self, but as the book went on, I found it more difficult to follow what they were saying. Perhaps this was due to my staying up late to finish the book, and not the on-and-off appearance of Little M.

The book contains ‘advice’ on various areas of life, like dating and beauty. My absolute favourite bit of advice was her Diet Book.


Eat a bit less.


Move about a bit more.


Brilliant advice there from Miranda, and it’s a diet I think that will see me through life.

Does walking to the kitchen to find more food count as moving about a bit more?

P.S. Happy World Book Day!


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