Day 68 School vs Social Life

Did any of you get your results on Thursday? I did, and I’m so happy with my results. I managed to get A’s for all three of my maths exams, and by some sort of luck, 100 UMS for C1!

I’m now working towards my eight summer exams. I need over 90 UMS each for C3 and C4 in order to get an A* overall that I so desperately want. Next Wednesday, I have a day off school, which I want to use for catching up with trig. However, my friends want me to spend the day hanging out with them. I’d rather spend the day studying, but don’t want to hurt their feelings. I’ve attempted to get them to see why I want to study, but apparently, I need to enjoy sixth form. I AM enjoying sixth form.

What should I do? Any suggestions would be welcome in the comments section 🙂


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