Day 77 My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece


My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece is by Annabel Pitcher. Ten-year-old Jamie Matthews lost his older sister Rose five years ago. He doesn’t cry about her, since he didn’t know her very well, but his Mum, Dad and other sister Jasmine (Rose’s twin) cried, so he feels that he should too. Now his mother has abandoned the family to live with another man, and his father drinks, and has moved the remainder of the family, including Rose, away from London.

The story is clearly Jamie’s, as there are no speech marks, dialogue instead being indicated by italics. Perhaps this is why I found it slightly jarring to read, as it was one long flow. This added to the feeling that it was a 10-year-old’s story. I especially liked Jamie’s subtle wisdom, making friends with a girl even though his father has racial prejudice towards her and her family.


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