Day 85 A Free Well Spent

Normally, at this time of day on a Tuesday, I would be in a maths lesson. Today, I have a rare (for me) free double period. It’s been heaven so far, full of newspaper reading, Diet Coke drinking, Haribo eating, and into space staring. I’ve done all of my homework due for this term, and my English coursework is finally done for the year. Time has been spent filling in Sudoku grids, and I haven’t got that guilty feeling I usually get when I haven’t done any studying for 2 hours. Life feels good right now, and time off is just what I need before proper revision during the Easter holidays gets under way.

That’s it from me for today. I’m off to get food from the canteen before lunch time officially starts, and the lower years swarm out of their classrooms to grab all the food.

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