Day 86 The Magical Land of… Revision

Ah, revision. How I love you, yet at the same time loathe you. You are both insufferable and valuable. You are full of past papers, textbook exercises, and intense UMS mark scrutiny. You should be the most important thing in my life right now, yet the kitchen and all its food calls me away from you. I’ve heard good things about you. You bring up people’s grades, and can even be, dare I say it, fun. But how does one revise when there are so many distractions?

The library is meant to be a good place to study, since it’s quiet, and one is surrounded by useful books. On the other hand, one is also surrounded by not so useful and somewhat distracting books. And it may be quiet on a school day during school hours, but come the school holidays, and more importantly, the Easter break, which is a crucial time for students to study before summer exams, and masses of young people descend upon libraries in droves, as if there is free candy. Libraries are no longer a place of absolute silence; libraries are now fun places with events during school breaks. These enjoyable events are great for younger children. They’re not so great for older students who are trying to get their head around trigonometry and vectors.

But one aspect of revision I like is past papers. Mark schemes are my saviour, especially when the same types of questions come up time and time again. So I say to all you distracted students (including myself) out there: get yourself to your subjects’ exam board websites, and download the relevant past papers. Trust me, they do help.

…I should probably take my own advice. Maybe after one more YouTube video.


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