Day 92 Rise of the Guardians Review

Rise of the Guardians, an animated film by Dreamworks aimed at younger children, is based on children’s belief in figures such as Santa Claus. The underlying meaning behind each of the mythical characters had good intentions, but I felt that the message may be missed by younger viewers. The battling with Pitch Black, the film’s villain, also felt slightly too sinister. However, I did find myself smiling at bad boy Jack Frost’s progress to becoming one of the Guardians. The film felt a bit like Despicable Me, especially when one of Santa’s mini elf helpers sideway-punched another elf, just like the minions did in Despicable Me.


[Picture from Dreamworks Animations Studios]

Rating: 2/5

Favourite line: Jack Frost: Am I on the Naughty List?

North: Naughty List, you hold record.

Favourite scene: When Jack Frost creates an icy path for the human boy Jamie to sled on, causing chaos along the way


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