Day 93 The Power of Cute

Today I took my youngest sister to the Barbican Centre with a couple of my friends. She loved it there, commanding the attention of my friends. After staying in the Barbican for a while, we went to Pret to get some lunch. I bought a ham and bacon toastie, and thai chilli curry soup to share with my sister. She stood next to me as I paid, absent-mindedly holding the skirt of her dress and twirling. The cashier smiled at her, and asked if it was okay to add in a chocolate croissant on the house, as it would “help my sister to grow”. I accepted her kind offer, and my sister smiled at her adorably.

On our two Tube journeys, we were offered seats on the crowded trains by no less than three people. People also smiled at my sister, then at me. This was a new experience, as normally I stand when on public transport (I don’t mind standing, so that’s okay), and eye contact is avoided at all costs.

I guess having a cute little sister changes all that.



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