Day 101 What I Need is O2


My mobile phone provider is O2, and I love being with them. It’s mainly the lure of occasional coffees from Caffè Nero, and even a packet of Percy Pigs (all courtesy of Priority Moments). I’m on their Pay & Go Go Go tariff, because the allowance increases after a certain number of months. I’ve been on this tariff for almost 6 months now, so I’ve been pretty excited about getting unlimited texts, 150 minutes, and 500MB of web data per month, for just £10.

Yesterday, I let my youngest sister play on my phone. This isn’t out of the ordinary; she loves to play on my phone. What was unusual about yesterday was that I hadn’t bothered to remove my SIM card. Within minutes, she had managed to send an email that read “bxidgqsdhanbx”. I took the phone away from her to send a quick text, and was surprised to see that money was taken from my balance. I carried on sending texts, and stopped after a grand total of 80 pence was deducted from my balance. Naturally, I blamed my sister for somehow changing my tariff.

Without doing anything further, O2 sent me an apology after 20 minutes, blaming a “system issue” for my allowance ending early. To make up for it, they brought forward my next allowance, and didn’t charge me for it. This meant that I was getting the unlimited texts that I had been lusting after half a month early. Gone are the days of careful text counting. Now I can text to my heart’s content.

And this is why I love O2. They give me the opportunity to get gig tickets first, give me free stuff, and when they get things wrong, they are ready to issue apologies, and make up for their mistakes. I love you, O2.


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