Day 109 Drifting Off in Detention

At my school, there’s a rule in Sixth Form that if you are late twice in a week, you have an hour’s detention on a Friday afternoon. You can’t use this time to do your homework or revise; it’s detention, not homework club.

Detention was surprisingly relaxing. All it involves is writing “I must organise my time to ensure that I arrive punctually to school every morning. I understand that this will help me to fulfill my potential in my A level exams.” While doing this for an hour every week might be tedious and mind-numbing, as a one-off occasion, I found the exercise mind-clearing.

For once, I wasn’t worrying about exams or the future. I didn’t even have to think about what I was doing. I even managed to incorporate my love of order into the line writing. The pattern repeated every seven lines, and every seventh line was identical. By the time I finished, it all looked rather pretty, and not a single mistake had been made. I wanted to keep my two sides of black biro loveliness (over my dead body would I use mu Muji pens for detention), but I was too afraid of gaining another detention to say anything other than “goodbye” at the end.

So, after all of this, what have I learned? To buy a multicoloured multiway pen in preparation for next time, of course!

P.S. Only joking haha. The real lesson is not to hit snooze on my alarm clock more than once a week.


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