Day 115 Sillybillies on the Bus

Reading Richard Godwin’s ‘Thou shalt not be a rude Tuber’ in today’s Evening Standard got me thinking about my journey on public transport today.

There was a guy who insisted on speaking in a loud, pompous voice into his phone. Even standing next to a woman with tinny music bleating out of her earphones couldn’t block out his voice. He told his wife/girlfriend, hereby known as Darling, about his so-called ‘friend’.

“Ugh, I mean, I guess he’s the most proactive friend in my group, but he’s such a sillybilly, nobody ever wants to hang out with him. He’s the biggest sillybilly I’ve ever known. I want to tell him that he’s a sillybilly, but he’ll just scoff it off.”

Remember that this guy is a fully grown man, and a rather rude one at that. Bitching about your friends is not cool, especially if you’re an adult. Grow up!

P.S. “Sillybilly” obviously isn’t what he called his friend.  Feel free to substitute whatever word you want 😉


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