Day 125 Barney Stintson’s Video Resume

Ah, Barney Stintson, you absolutely brilliant man. Oh, and for those of you wondering who Barney is, he’s a character from the show How I Met Your Mother. Yes, I admire a fictional character.

Anyway, I was watching Season 4 Episode 14: The Possimpible, which was about Robin, one of the main characters, having to leave the US to go back to Canada. After his friends share their somewhat pitiful CVs, Barney shows them his video resume. The video doesn’t show what he can do in terms of work, but it does use a lot of ‘buzzwords’.

In the episode, he tells his friends the URL of his resume, and it actually exists. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the ‘awesome resolution’ and the ‘not as awesome resolution’, apart from the fact that the not as awesome resolution video is smaller. Also, the website’s resume and the episode resume are slightly different in their compositions, but that means twice the awesomeness!

From the site:

From the episode:

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