Day 136 Shredding My Time Away

Instead of revising for my exam tomorrow, I decided to shred my pile of scrap paper. After half an hour of frustration, I’ve learnt a few things about shredders:

1) When it says “7 sheets maximum”, what the shredder really means is “Shred 1 sheet at a time, otherwise I will stop cooperating because I’m on a diet and you’re force feeding me too much food”

2) Picking out a jammed shredder with your bare fingers hurts, especially when your fingers touch the blades

3) Picking out the bits of paper in between the blades with tweezers is like crossing a desert with no water. You’ll cross it eventually, but it’s so hard.

4) There’s a reverse button that’s meant to clear the blades, but if it’s jammed and needs clearing, you can almost hear the shredder say, “Girl, there ain’t no way I’m throwing up my precious food, even if I am on a diet.”

5) I hate shredders. Sure, they may shred paper for you, but they’re so NOISY AND TEMPERAMENTAL.

Happy shredding!


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