Day 142 Revision Timetables and Organised Drifting

Most of my friends seem to think that I’m studious and revise all the time. This may be because whenever they ask what I’m doing, I tend to reply, “Revising.” This is mainly due to sheer laziness, to the extent that even conversing with my friends feels like an effort. Instead, at any given point, I can be found day dreaming about the future with an open textbook in front of me.
I use for some of my revision when I get around to actually revising, because some of the notes on there are concise and relevant to what I need to know for my exams. I was on the site last night, and discovered the revision timetable tool. I wish I’d discovered it earlier, because it’s amazing. You tell them what exams you have when, and they sort out a revision schedule for you. If you don’t like it, you can change it around. I’ve allocated breaks for myself, mainly in the late evening slots. These breaks are what I like to call Organised Drifting, because I have a habit of drifting into day dreams and in and out of the kitchen. I have a pdf copy of my timetable on my phone, so I can see when I’m meant to be revising which subjects. Sign up for free at, and make your own timetable. It might be a bit late now, but at least you’ll know where to create one for next year’s exam.
That’s my Organised Drifting time over. It’s time to get back to shapes of molecules. Fun times! Not.


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