Day 143 I Hope I Pastel My Exams

In preparation for my chemistry exam this morning, which went okay (I think), I did a couple of things. Obviously, I revised like crazy last night, and looked over my notes this morning before the exam. I also checked the day’s weather, to see if it would be hot enough for just a tshirt, or cold enough for a coat. I saw that it was going to about 7°C, which wasn’t ideal, as it’s neither hot nor cold.

I settled for a jumper in the end, and high-waisted jeans so I would feel comfortable in the exam hall. I ended up craving ice cream whenever I saw my reflection haha


My moustache necklace was given to me by one of my best friends for my birthday, and I wore it for my exams in January. I’m hoping it brings me luck this time 🙂


H&M jumper, Topshop high-waisted jeans, moustache necklace


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