Day 148 It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

…I’m not an old man, I hope I don’t snore, I did go to bed last night (without bumping my head), and I most certainly got up this morning. The weather today is horrendous, and nobody really wants to go outside unless they absolutely have to. This means I’ve been stuck inside all day, watching my little sister prance up and down the living room, asking, “Can you do this?”

I hate to admit that at 17, I’m not really up to galloping like a pony, or pretending to swim like a dolphin. I’d rather be a sofa spectator instead. Does this make me sound lazy? Of course it does, but am I going to do anything about it? Maybe after my exams are over (but I always say this, and I never get around to exercising).

I can’t exercise today, because… it’s grey outside? Awful excuse, I know, but what’s a lazy, sleepy, sloth-like teenager student in the midst of her exams to do?

Teenager Sloth


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