Day 163 Ready or Not

As the end of my exams approach, more often than not, my mind drifts to thinking of summer. The sunny weather seems to have disappeared yet again, and we’ve been left with a breezy cloudy thing going on. I like having things to remind me that summer’s on its way, and Bridgit Mendler’s song Ready or Not is a upbeat pop song that has been dancing in my seat (which isn’t so great for my handwriting!).

Bridgit Mendler is one of the stars of Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie, and it’s been nice to see her progress from starring in a straight-to-DVD movie The Clique (which makes me laugh at how awful it is. Sorry if you’re a fan!) to a bright and talented young woman. The beat of her song is catchy, even if some of the lyrics make me giggle. For example, “I like your face/ Do you like my song?” makes me wonder what would happen if I went up to a stranger and solemnly told them this. I also like the reggae elements of the song, especially since it reminds me of that reggae dance on Just Dance 2, Baby Girl by Reggaeton.

The name of the song totally sums up what I’m feeling right now about my final two exams: ready or not, I’ll have to sit them. Let’s hope I’m ready.


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