Day 164 The Uniting Power of… Exams?

I had my C3 maths exam this morning, and went into it feeling sufficiently prepared and confident, as did most of the other students. We all came out of the hall rendered speechless. For some reason, it seems that the Edexcel maths exams this summer are significantly more difficult compared to previous years. Maybe that’s their response to talk that exams have been “dumbed down”: make the exams harder.

The shock brought us all together. I spoke to people I had never spoken to before. I don’t normally mingle with the year above, and was once surprised when a girl from the year above in my maths class spoke to me. Today’s maths exam gave me an excuse to talk to people in the year above who were taking the same exam. It was slightly scary at first, but as we discussed how horrible the exam was, I felt more at ease.

Maybe exams suck, but if they allow me to speak to other people without breaking a sweat, then I guess I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s exam.

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