Day 184 The Irritating Addictiveness of Candy Crush

Five years ago, the words ‘candy crush’ would have probably conjured up the image of falling sweets crushing helpless people. Now it’s all about the brightly coloured game by King. The game, as I’m sure you know, is a candy version of Bejeweled.

It’s scary how it’s taken over in just over a year. When I daydream now, I find myself dreaming not of cake, but of candy. And it’s not even real candy, it’s about how I can level up. I’ve been stuck on Level 86 for God knows how long, and still I find myself swapping candy in a bid to level up.

Candy Crush is probably King’s most successful game to date, judging by the amount of people I see playing the game on their smartphones on public transport. I guess all I can say is, well played, King, well played.


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