Day 194 Lakwatsa


I visited Lakwatsa in Notting Hill yesterday with my friends. Oh my goodness, it was so pretty! They had swings hanging from the ceiling and cushions on wooden boxes as seats. I seriously enjoyed sitting on the swings, and didn’t want to leave. The food was pretty great as well. If you feel like having food, but not a full meal, their portions are snack-sized, and so fun to eat. We ordered bubble tea to start off with. I had a passion fruit bubble tea (bottom right in the picture), and it was served in a cute jam jar. It was such a different way to serve bubble tea, plus they have the usual takeaway cups. The bubble tea options were put up on the wall with scrabble tiles, and talking of walls, there was a pinboard with instax polaroid pictures of their customers. We ordered Lumpia Shanghai (pork and prawn spring rolls), Adobo Rice Balls (chicken in sticky rice), and Turon (banana and jackfruit fritters) with vanilla ice cream. I swear we could’ve stayed there all day, it was that nice, but I had to pick up my sister. Guys, next time you’re in the Notting Hill area, go check out Lakwatsa. You won’t regret it!


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