Day 198 Good Luck Leah Totton!

Tonight’s the final of The Apprentice, and both finalists are female: 25 year old Luisa Zissman, cake shop owner and self-proclaimed “Business Barbie” and 24 year old Leah Totton, NHS doctor. Both women have been fairly strong throughout the series, but I would say Luisa has been a bit louder, while Leah has been more withdrawn.

Nevertheless, I think Leah will win the series. Her performance in the last episode, the interviews, was outstanding, and showed us viewers exactly how one should compose themselves when faced with tough questions. Though I don’t really approve of cosmetic surgery, her business plan, to open a chain of cosmetic surgery clinics, is a pretty good idea. Leah is medically trained, and has experience working as a doctor. Hopefully, Lord Sugar will see that Leah’s the best woman to go into business with.

Good luck Leah!

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