Day 207 Friday Lust List: Paperweights

I have piles of paper in my room, and it’s getting tedious having to pick them back up when the window is open and there’s a light breeze. The perfect solution to this is clearly use a paperweight! Paperweights are so pretty, and even if you’re tidy (unlike me), they still make lovely ornaments for your room.

The pictures of the paperweights below belong to Culinary Concepts, LukeGilveyGlass, Spaceform, Ellie Ellie, and Kate Spade respectively.


Culinary Concepts Rugby Ball Paperweight £42.50


LukeGilveyGlass Glass Apple Paperweight in Granny Smith Green £33.39


Spaceform Layered Paperweight Love You, Lots of Hearts £34.95


Ellie Ellie Comic Super Hero Paperweight £17.15 (was £24.50)


Kate Spade Silver Street “Keep It Together” Paperweight £19.52


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