Day 212 Gap Sheer Henley Tunic

I went into a Gap store last week for the first time, hoping to buy a plain grey sweater. Instead, I ended up buying a plain white shirt. I’m turning 18 in about 2 months (scary!), and I’m trying to wear less cartoon tees and more plain clothes.


I found this henley tunic in store, which was pretty lucky, because when I checked online, it had sold out. Also, the sizing was pretty strange. I ended up buying a size XS, even though I haven’t been a size XS since forever (hello cake, meet my hips!). I love the shirt, even though it means having to get the iron out when I want to wear it. One of the main reasons for nearly always opting for cartoon tees is that I can get away with not ironing haha.

P.S. If anyone can direct me to the perfect plain grey sweater, I would be so grateful!


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