Day 214 Friday Lust List: Sweet About Me (Candy Jewellery)

I have this slight obsession with sweets. I have secret stashes of sweets, and there’s nearly always a packet of sweets in my bag. I’m trying to cut down though, because sweets have a tendency to rot teeth if I’m not careful. Instead of eating sweets, I’ll wear them instead!

The pictures of the jewellery below belong to Punky Allsorts, JodieRoseDesigns, Ku-Ki Shop, NeatEats, and Tiny Hands respectively.


Punky Allsorts M&M Bracelet £19.95


JodieRoseDesigns Cadbury’s Chocolate Necklace £7.00


Ku-Ki Shop Marshmallow Necklace £6.10


NeatEats Candy Jar Bottle Lollipop Necklace Pendant £12.99


Tiny Hands Bubblegum Scented Lollipop Necklace £15.19


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