Day 227 What’s Next For Me

I got my AS grades about an hour ago in a brown A5 envelope. I waited until I was on the tube home to open the envelope, even though my exasperated maths teacher (she’s such a lovely teacher) called me silly for not wanting to open the envelope. My grades were slightly better than I expected, especially for maths.

So what now? I still want to study medicine at university, so I know I have to get a good score in the UKCAT and BMAT tests. I’ll have to actually work hard next year, not just say that I’m working hard (when secretly I’m working hard at working my way through all of the Family Guy episodes).

I’m surprised I got the grades I did, but it’s made me think a lot about myself. If I can get okay grades when I’m not on top form, who knows what I can do if I really put my mind to it?

P.S. Congratulations to everyone who got a place at their chosen universities! 😀

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