Day 232 What’s Inside My Pencil Case


My broken pencil case (I can’t wait to get a new one) is filled with stationery, and half of it is never used. Inside my pencil case is:

1) Treasury tags – I’m not entirely sure why I felt treasury tags were necessary, especially that 1 short one.

2) Pencil sharpener – It does come in useful when other people in my classes need one, but I don’t have any normal pencils, so I don’t really need it.

3) Googly eye – I think this was left over from one of my sister’s arty projects.

4) Scissors – I’ve used this a handful of times over the last school year. My classmates probably use this more than I do.

5) Empty Muji pen refill cartridge – I should get rid of this. It’s empty.

6) Muji pencil refills – Comes in useful every 3-4 weeks, when I’ve run out.

7) Comb – In a pencil case? 😕

8) Eraser – This eraser does nothing for my pencilly mistakes, apart from smudge it. I miss my old oval Paperchase eraser.

9) Rulers – The pink one is the one I always use. The clear one is almost split all the way down the middle lengthways.

10) Red biro – Used once.

11) Ink correction pen – I used this all the time, until I lost my beloved fountain pen.

12) Black ink pen – I think all the ink’s been used up.

13) Purple mechanical pencil – I use this a lot. It was a gift from my grandparents, and I love it.

14) Black mechanical pencil – I’ve had this for about 7 years. It’s old, but it still works.

15) Blue Muji gel pen – I bought this to replace my fountain pen, until it was replaced by 16.

16) Black Muji gel pen – The ink level’s quite low, as I use this for everything.

17) Pink Muji gel pen – I use this to mark my work. It’s a pretty colour.

18) Pink and yellow Stabilo Boss highlighters – I almost never use these. They just take up space in my pencil case.

Come September, and I might just get away with just the Muji pencil refills, a new eraser, the pink ruler, one mechanical pencil, and the three Muji gel pens. However, when I get around to replacing my tattered clear pencil case with a new clear pencil case (it saves me having to transfer my stuff for exams), I’ll probably be overcome with the urge to stuff it to the brim with things I’ll never use. 😀


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