Day 237 Strangers On The London Underground

The idea of travelling on the tube in London goes hand in hand with avoiding eye contact with strangers and an accepted silence. I’ve gotten used to it, but sometimes if I read something funny in the Metro, I desperately want to share it with somebody else. Perhaps that’s why, on school days, I save reading the paper until I get to school, so that I can share it with my friends.

Yesterday evening, I was on my way home, when four guys got on at Clapham Common. Usually, I’d have a quick look, then turn back to whatever I’m doing. These guys made me look again. And again. Why? Because their legs and shoes were completely caked in mud. It had been raining outside, but it had been raining rainwater. not muddy water.

In astonishment, I asked, “What happened to you guys?”

I was surprised that I’d even asked, when they shrugged, and said, “It’s raining outside.”

They’d just been to the SW4 Festival, and had been enjoying the music in the wet and muddy park. I found it hilarious that they were so casual about their Converses being ruined (only one of them were sensible enough to have Hunter wellies on. I called him The Sensible One in my head, being the creative and witty soul that I am), and chatted to them about mud and puddles. I even helped one of them take a photo on his iPhone.

It was enough to put me in a rare (I’m renowned for being grumpy 24/7) good mood. The only thing that dampened my spirits (pun totally intended) was that I had to get off the tube only a few stops later; I could have talked to them for hours. I really enjoyed talking to them, and here’s my challenge to you all. The next time you see somebody (or some people) that catches your eye, talk to them. It might just make your day 🙂


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