Day 244 I Think My Toenail’s Cursed

If you get grossed out easily, you should probably stop reading now. I’m currently lying on the sofa, in pain. Why? Because of my stupid right big toenail.
On my very first DofE trip, the walking boots I wore were way too small, and my right big toenail became bruised. The top half then fell off, leaving me with half a toenail.
Today, I was trying to catch a bus, when I tripped over a rectangular manhole cover thing that wasn’t fitted properly. It ripped off my entire toenail, and blood poured out. Luckily, a passing woman gave me all the tissues and plasters she had in her handbag.
When I got on the next bus, I could only handle the moving vehicle for two stops before I started feeling faint. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and that terrified me. Everything went blurry, and it sounded like I was underwater. I stopped the bus, and stumbled off. The bus immediately drove off, leaving me feeling lonely and scared. Fortunately, I managed to get home in one piece. I can’t upload any photos, which is probably just as well, since it looks awful. I can’t wait to see my doctor tomorrow. It’s still bleeding through the makeshift tissue bandage I’ve fashioned, and God, it hurts so bloody much.


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