Day 245 Toenail Update

After I posted about my toenail last night, my nother insisted that I go to A&E to get it properly checked out. I said it was fine, and turned away from her (I was still lying on the sofa at this point). As she continued to lecture me, I shook in laughter due to reading a thread on Mumsnet. She finally persuaded me to go, and we waited for 3 hours in A&E before being seen to. I guess the wait wasn’t that bad; I’m lucky it wasn’t a Friday or Saturday night. The nurse told me that I’d done the right thing by putting the toenail back into place (hooray), and gave me two options: stick it down to keep it in place, or have two injections to numb my toe and put the nail back under the skin. I chose the former, and he put a dressing on my toe, which looked way better than my tissue-sellotape bandage.
It’s been an uneventful morning, since I’m meant to rest. My father did generously offer to play football with me, which I sadly declined. Football’s my life, didn’t you know? 😉 (LOL joke. Food is my life)


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