Day 253 Already Falling Behind

I’m taking a really short break from homework, and it really must be short, since I have an essay due in tomorrow! (To be fair, it was set today for tomorrow, but still…)

I’m in Year 13 now, and in our first tutor period, we gave the Year 12 students in our form some advice, which ranged from “start revising now” to “keep your notes organised because you’ll need something to cry over the night before your exam”. The most useful piece of advice was “do your homework as soon as possible, preferably on the day it was set”. Why? Well, because of two reasons. The first is that it counts as revision, as it’s going over the stuff you did it class, and it’ll be fresh in your mind. The second is that if you don’t do your homework on time, it’ll pile up, and you’ll end up crying earlier in the year. And if I don’t follow that bit of advice, the latter of the two reasons is what I’ll be doing soon 😦

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